FINALLY, The TRUTH IS REVEALED! In this unauthorized biography, author jason fox goes where others have shied away to tell all.

In this book you will discover:

The revelatory true account about industry-outsider Jason Fox’s disastrous attempt to create the book and screenplay of Ricky Nelson’s musical comeback with Ricky’s best friend, Jamie Fresh.

As Rick’s confidante, Fresh alone knew the shocking truth about why Rick died in a 1985 plane crash. Together, he and Fox were going to set the record straight. Instead, the emotionally unstable Fresh sabotaged the celebrity-endorsed, multi-million-dollar project, cheating all the investors out of their money.

Nobody suffered more than Fox who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and his girlfriend; now more than a decade later, Fox has come forward to expose the inside story of what really happened to Ricky and how it all went wrong.

The Technical Details

What the National Transportation Safety Board really revealed.

The Pitfalls of Making a Movie

On the surface the movie project seemed perfect, but the end result was a lesson all would be Hollywood producers should learn.


Who Rick Nelson wanted to be, and how he wanted to shed the "Ricky" mantle.

Secrets Revealed

You probably heard what happened that fateful day, but it's not what you think.